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ioca's Journal

Independent Online Comic Artists
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All Members , Moderated
Hello and welcome to I.O.C.A, also known as the Independent Online Comic Artists community. This community is built especially for those who love to read and/or make online comics of all sorts. Here you can...

1. Show off your favorite strips, and your own comic if you have one.

2. Talk about comics and comic related topics.

3. Ask and give tips for comic making.

4. Let other community members know when you have updated your own online comic.

Before you join there are a few rules that I'd like to make out, and I am sure they are not too difficult to follow.

1.The LJ-Cut code is advised for when you wish to post more than one comic page, for huge file sizes, and comic pages that contains graphic violence and suggestive themes.

2. Since this community will also be aimed towards adult audiences, I will allow the topic of adult comics into this community-- BUT TO AN EXTENT! If you are willing to share ANYTHING with extreme adult content, you must ALWAYS put it in the LJ-Cut code. Anything involving Pediophile, Incest, rape, and bestiality WILL-NOT-BE-ALLOWED!

3. Be respectful, be mature, no flame wars, and keep in mind the rules of netiquette. :3

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