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FBCG (a geeker comic)

I have a webcomic of my own, it's doing alright it appears. I keep getting more hits. I guess I'm just advertising in the right areas.


Main character:
Miranda: a nerd whose into computers and gaming. She works at a computer store. She's a sarcastic kind of girl. Miranda's always making fun of Sam and Erik.

Other frequent characters:
Sam: is kind of ditzy, but intelligent all the same. She loves playing gba, and she loves porn. Her favorite hangout is 4chan. Works at the arcade.
Erik: sucks at video games, but still loves to play. He's always getting made fun of by Sam and Miranda. We're not sure if Erik has a job yet. But we'll write on and see where he ends up.

A new character coming:
Rob: a stoner/hacker. He wont be a frequent character, sort of just an extra.

Updates on Friday's. I haven't missed an Update yet.
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