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Into Stuff

Just joined the community. I've been doing my own comics off and on for a while now, though mostly in self-published stuff, and for local magazines.

So far I haven't drawn/designed any comics deliberately foronline-distro, the ones I do have online have been scanned in from artwork meant for photocopying (I'm a messy artist, so an increased hilight gets rid of the marks). Because of that, everything tends to look a little clunky, and trying to optimise the artwork for web presentation hasn't had the most reliable results.

Anyway, you can find a clump of my stuff at Laura Seabrook's Queer Stuff, a site that deals with being different (and I have a few of those). there's also another cache of my stuff (but mostly of Carol Wood and Sue Butcher) at Octobriana's Slack Archives.

I'll watch this community with interest, as I'd like to do more online stuff (Dreams & Wrong Number were redone just for online content).
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